Reflecting back

Best mitzvah decor

As I look back at the year 2012 I was very fortunate to photograph countless Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and they were all great. I truly love to photograph these special events. As you know 2012 was a year that stood out for its presidential election. And themes can be extra special if they take into account the current times.

Bar Mitzvah decor

For this reason Janie Haas Events gets a big thumbs up for their Bar Mitzvah decor and event. The setting played on all of the Presidential themes and Ethan even had his own posters fashioned after the famed Obama poster created by Shepard Fairey.

Best Mitzvah theme

Themes and decor such as this provides a backdrop for fantastic pictures. One can have fun using the setting designed by professionals to great effect!

Best Bar Mitzvah

I’m looking forward to many more fantastic events in 2013!

Bar Mitzvah family picture