Robert Castagna – photographer

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I’m a photographer and artist based out of Boston. What I enjoy most about events are the candid moments, the pictures that capture the intimate interactions amongst people and friends, to perceive and capture the day as it unfolds. In addition I love portraiture and using off-camera lighting. I started with black and white film years ago, the love of walking the streets and finding that odd mixture of sun, shadow and detail. Asked to photograph weddings for friends and relatives turned into a full time business photographing Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate, non-profit events as well as the occasional wedding. Now for over twenty years! Besides photography I love art, travel, music and yoga. I’ve traveled throughout America and I’ve visited every State through road trips on many blue highways. My wife is a professional musician and local area performer and I enjoy playing guitar as well. My mornings usually start with a yoga class and my free time is spent in one of the areas of art that I enjoy: drawing, collage, music, photography, writing and that odd mixture of two or more of them. I’ve been a Big Brother for several years and volunteer my time with a host of charitable organizations dealing with environmental protection and education/reading programs.